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HyperX - FURY 2-Pack 8GB DDR3

HyperX - FURY 2-Pack 8GB DDR3

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Boost computer performance with this Kingston HyperX 16GB memory kit. The kit consists of two 240-pin 8GB DDR3-1866 modules that run at 1.5 volts, and each module is equipped with a blue heat-spreading cover for reliable performance and increased lifespan. Install this Kingston HyperX 16GB memory kit for increased satisfaction with gaming, video editing and other memory-intensive tasks.

  • Kit of two 8GB DDR3 SDRAM memory modules

    For 16GB total memory.

  • Up to 1866MHz operating speed

    For excellent multitasking capability.

  • FURY asymmetric heatspreader

    Keeps memory cool for efficient operation.

  • 240-pin DIMM

    Enables capable system operation. DIMM is dual in-line memory module.

  • 10-10-10-30 latency

    For efficient system operation.

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